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Given my drawing and painting abilities (INability?) as seen on LiveJournal and DeviantArt does ANYONE think I have enough skill to volunteer as a BB Artist?

Unlike writing, since my drawings (graphite or coloured pencil) are A5 or A4, they take a single (albeit sometimes long enough to leave me immobile after) session. Watercolours, with drying time, sometimes take two sessions, sometimes one.

Even if I did a watercolour cover image and a couple of drawings, it's not the same time/confidence committment as writing, finishing and editing a fic. I *could* do it, physically.

The question is: am I good enough?

I no longer ask even good friends if they'd like an illustration for their fic (though I may try for my own sake, rather than theirs) because when I *have* in the past, people either wanted an illustration of a scene beyond my powers (I can either do a wide-scale scene OR a portrait, not a portrait that fits in a wide-scale scene) or even - without so much as a "thank you" - got, "that wasn't how it looked inside my head". It probably wasn't how it looked inside mine, either, mate. i never claimed to be a professional quality illustrator/cover-artist.

Given ALL THAT... but given that I feel as if I'm kind of neglecting Pros fandom given I have pulled out of the BB TWICE now and posted two parts of a fic I *still* haven't finished here way back in 2015 and I've made several MCU relevant posts recently... I'd love to DO SOMETHING.


It's a genuine question. Most of my "art" posts get very few responses - if that's because you think I'm too crap to share, PLEASE, just tell me that. (And I'll stop sharing to LJ and DW and go back to DA.) I honestly want to know.

Looking at my pics, would you feel screwed if THAT'S what you got from you BB artist? Because I have looked at BBs, in multiple fandoms,  in the past and thought, "That writer deserved better art". I'd hae like the devil anyone, least of all any writer I was paired with, to think/feel THAT.

Help? Advise me? Tell me to bugger off? All honest responses welcome.

(Crossposted via [personal profile] dee_natsuko78  on DW)

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